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Singularity Event !?
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gather 'round the hearth.....sit comfortably and
brace thyself for a Saga of Ancient Ages and
Days gone by.............let the warmth of the
crackling, flickering, low flames of the stone
fireplace coax the chill from your weary young ones may wish to group
closer to an Elder as you prepare to listen to
this tale of Darkness, Danger, Determination
and yes, believe it or not, Delight..........for no
True Story is complete without an happy
ending, but woe to those who are easily
solaced by such sweet and seductive words
so readily offered before the cover of the
dusty, cobweb laden Antiquarian Tome has
even been laid open...........
it was, as the calender of the Gregors
records........those sworn to a life of solitude
and silence.........those astute and learned
scholars who spoke only with quill and ink,
illumined scriptures, venerable as the
Bede....813 Anno Domini~.........and in a small
and relatively unknown village haply nomened
Ulster, not far North of the Border known as
Hadrian's Wall, a birth was taking
place...........the Midwives of the Middle Ages
were as skilled as any of other days........past
present and future, but what happened during
the blessed delivery on this cold, grey, dank,
dreary and gloomy late afternoon was beyond
the skill of even the most noble of
midwives.......the catastrophe which befell this
moment of new life was not her
fault................twins were being
born............Antressa, the first, and Delicretia,
the second to emerge into this realm beneath
the clover, were both gasping their first
breaths of chilly autumn air and yelping in the
shock of being newly from the womb when
the Raid began...............Zorph, the Evil Wizard
of Degradoom had plans for the
twins............for he knew of what even their
own kinsman were unaware..............the
Mystical Powers possessed by these beings
were known to only one other
only, than Zorph, had read the Signs and
visioned the Prophecy...........but Valley, as she
was called by those who weren't privy to her
True Title, had enough to contend with where
her troubles lay on that unfortunate much as she knew she needed to
be in Ulster that fated eventime, she was,
alas, unable to rush to save Antressa and
Delicretia.........a terrible blight had ensued in
the Cypress Gardens of her
homeland.............mites..........mites the size of
rats had infested the ears of all her people
and their cries for help were the cause of her
tardiness when Zorph laid siege upon
Ulster..............the midwife, Ellessy, had, by
means of a trap door beneath the humble
dwelling of her patients, managed to save
Antressa from the Evil Zorph, but Delicretia,
he was to have..............with her, he knew, it
would be but a matter of time before his
Snarrdauh minions would, at his relentless
behest, locate her sister............but this time,
Valley would not be late...............when the sky
darkens and the seaswells bloom, Thor's
Hammer breaks the silence with shockwave
after shockwave .......the mountains tremble
and quake and every living creature under the
stars seeks out refuge in any haunt they can
scamper to, you know that the Sage Magic of
two of the Greatest Sorcery has ever
produced are squaring off for what is sure to
end in either disaster or salvation..............
no ordinary wielder of spells would dare
sputter the least incantation on a night like
ah, but Woo Chan Xin would feign chastise
me for the telling of a climax without a proper
schooling in the background, history and
legacy of our Heroine's People..........
Antressa's kin were much akin to the Levites,
this Clan of Ulster..........drawing support from
other Clans yet without any acreage of their this manner a certain symbiosis was
maintained which assured transfer of Code as
well as Skilled Labor.................................the
five senses..........and Magic.........the beginning
......yes, Antressa's People excelled at Magic ~*
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story teller's guild
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