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a Museum, once a Palace,
in Krakow, Poland
Cold Mountains of the
Northeastern European Olde World
a dawn which just can't seem to
break above the perpetual horizion
she lives in Olde Ages
she lives with you now
when she wakes in the secret
chambers of the deepest recesses
of the mysticism of her mind where
her haunted soul resides,
how long has she been sleeping
how long will she wake
a mist
a fog
a night shroud from nowhere
quietly seeps its way through the
cracks in the floors and the
crannies in the walls of your sweet
sublime psyche
open wide the spectral door
walk on through, but leave some
part of yourself behind just in case
she lives, she breathes, she travels
shadows of the back byways, the
secret paths of the cloaked
countryside by faint late overcast
afternoon sidelight
in a tale of long ago
in sight foreboding woe
in a trust
in a keep
in a castle
dark and deep
the ebb tide of emotion
eddy's a lifetime accumulation of
should have, could have, would
until all that remains is the image
of what once was
she lives
some mysterious part of her lives
within each one of us
keep a diary, share your thoughts,
hold counsel with nature
she shall rise to your surface one
and then you will know her clearly
as you vaguely know her now
electricity can't long protect us
from the tensity of the old stories
she is there, always there
and she is waiting
oh yes, the time will come *~V8~*
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