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the following segment of Our Wild Space Wilderness Wild,
Wild West with host Leonard Spock Gene Autry Wilder is
dedicated to the late, great Astrobiologist Carl Sagan ~*

note how the titanium alloy bark has been vigorously
chewed all round the edges of the MotherShip ~*
this trait is characteristic among Space Beaver of the
Nebulaean Cluster ~*
the Orion Quadrant species prefer simply to gnaw the
Bridge away, leaving the rest of the MotherShip untoothed
both species of Space Beaver do have one defining
behavioral pattern in common, however............they both
use the asteroids which they collect to construct gravity
dams around the exit portals of Worm Holes so as to build
up large pools of Space~Time continuum in which to raise
their offspring ~*
and though this causes an impediment to Space Travelers,
the dams are not disturbed
pursuant to Intergalactic
Conservation Regulations because Space Beaver are on the
Cosmic Endangered Species List ~*
major funding for the CESL comes from the Andromeda
Society and support from viewers like you ~*
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