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Upon observing this stage of completion of this
Portrait Drawing we notice some additional shading is
needed, so...............
we make a mark with our #2 graphite pencil in
the place where the shading is needed, then we
smooth and blend the pencil mark into the area
to create the shading ~*
then we notice an area which requires brightening,
highlighting just above the region we shaded...and we
accomplished this highlighting with our eraser ~*
next, we can see that the mouth needs a bit of technical fine
tuning so we set about making the necessary
corrections..........this effort is worth while because an
accurate drawing makes the Painting process much easier ~*
when we're satisfied with the accuracy and correctness of our drawing,
we then secure the drawing into place by spraying over it with a coat of
crystal clear enamel .........this is done, of course, to prevent the Oil
Paint from washing the drawing off as we Brush our Oil Color upon the
Canvas ~*
also shown here is the next phase of the other {complete by Christmas}
Portrait after the drawing has been established and secured and the
first layer of transparent glaze has been applied ~*
here we apply our Oil Color so thinly that the drawing can still be
clearly seen through the Paint ~*
this method was employed very famously by the Venetian School of the
High Renaissance and it is understood that all the Medieval and
Renaissance Masters made use of this method in one style or another,
in Fresco with Plaster of Paris and water; Tempera with egg on wood;
and in Oil with linseed oil, distemper and nut oil on wood and canvas ~*
Thank you for Participating in this Portraiture Method Demonstration;
we shall enjoy additional Portraiture Method Demonstrations together
as Time Progresses ~*
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