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The Lover's Rose

melancholy cello
bottom of the Seine
happy hearted lovers
dancing in the rain
we all know taste of salt
who among us can ponder
the abyssal heart's vault
created in a time
beyond scope and scale
a far and misty memory
safe in the song of whales
when an infant cries
or an elder sighs
is there a chance to know
what secrets hide
the oldest emotion
of human kind
that burning passion
of body and mind
the very proof
we possess a soul
the voices echo
when bells are tolled
those ages past
are with us now
gestating mothers
milk of cow
so remember memories
paths once tread
know freedom, know love
as you break your bread
for in a trusting hand
lies the lover's rose
it's there for us all
and if it's to grow
one must be free
to feel the charm
which flows from mystery
the ancient yarn
your chance is now
take it and choose
the myriad links
which follow the clues
determined sleuth
of who we are
the world is born
among the stars
go into the night
go long and deep
go further still
for what you seek
until face to face
with seed and root
and touch at last
the sacred truth
the sacred truth
and touch at last
the sacred truth ~*
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