Listen to the Pine~Trees sing to the music of the
Autumn Breeze ~*
Take us for a trip through time with carefree ease ~*
all we want to see is the newest brightest play ~*
set scene to the drama of a brand new way ~*
kaleidoscope of revolving, rustic hue ~*
3 wishes, 3 chances for a midnight blue ~*
among the stars and all the worlds ~*
we can travel to the ancient score ~*
scripted ages ago ~*
just the way things go ~*
a latter day carriage with side lights beaming ~*
taking pleasure in our adventure scheming ~*
for the art of the heart of the soul ~*
if life lets you live to be old ~*
you'll know the avenue of the seekers ~*
down the path of the sea birds ~*
over the waves and beyond the islands ~*
and million, trillion, billion miles ~*
all it takes is smiles ~*
to get what we want ~*
shadows seem to taunt ~*
just beyond the edge of reality ~*
just for you and me ~*
oh love, oh precious, darling Love ~*
Yvette's ~*
Love is the Way ~*
Love saves the Day ~*
Yvette's ~*
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