Yvette's ~*
*~ I beg your pardon, Love ~*

I beg your pardon, Love
I speak without discretion
you found me lost, unclaimed
and began to take possession

my thoughts are getting tangled
wild emotion keeps me at bay
you're breaking through my walls
getting closer every day

I can sense you, feel you
to be near you is a must
but heartache from the past
weakens me with distrust

I fight to keep from wanting you
it's a war I cannot win
I struggle to pull away
you pull me back again

why did you have to enter my life
I was happy all alone
now only if I marry you
can my house become a home

tender sentiments, old as time
yet new as an autumn dawn
will you finally take me over
or will you leave your task undone
Yvette's ~*