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Love travels through her heart at the speed of light
and emotion surrounds her, tidal waves high
petals of flowers, softening her hair
gentle compassion, lover's who share
the need, the want, the closeness of love
the unity, the power, the caressing dove
she takes his hand, he feels her heat
together they embrace, the mercy seat
the ark of love, carries them forth
on the tide of love, to happiness shores
day and night they travel, the astral plane of love
like magic in a bottle, a message from above
flowing like manna from heaven, a little bit faster
to see inside their temples, loving ever after
the promise, the truth, the passionate faith
leading them onward through love's open gates
a testament of togetherness, so new, so real
and even in the future, they know they shall feel
the security of the love that makes them one
the pleasure, the contentment, the holy sum
two equals one, two equals one
saved by the grace of love
two equals one ~*
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