Yvette's ~*

Secret of Yvette's ~*

at the Core of Yvette's burns a Red Candle, a hidden mystery ~*
luminous mystery which is ages old and steeped in ancient
Arcane Knowledge ~*
origin of Fine Fashions and Fine Art emanates from the
source ~*
V8* is a clue, the Flax plant is a clue, Atlantis is a clue, Love is a
clue, the esoteric mnemonics of Giordano Bruno are a clue, the
astral observations of Tycho Brahe are a clue, and even the {
} Pink Link which can be found on yet another
page of Yvette's is itself a clue ~*
that venerable composition is an incredible
one thousand five
hundred years old
!! ~*
it dates from the late 5th Century and was written by Ruricius of
Limoges ~*
Ruricius served as Bishop of Limoges, a city within the
Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse, located in the heart of the
Gallic World of Roman Gaul, the region of our planet which is
today known as France ~*
Ruricius' letters,
83 in number, have survived into modern times
in the form of a single manuscript (an "
unica") and have finally
been translated by Ralph W. Mathisen and Published by
University Press; Gillian Clark and Mary Whitby are
the General Editors ~*
Many Late Imperial and Dark Age texts are still currently
unavailable and there are, of course, considerable difficulties
with interpretation, including textual difficulties ~*
this is how
Yvette's Secret remains so elusive ~*
it is a matter of interpretation ~*
textual difficulties are no longer such when once the
are recognized ~*
pattern recognition involves study and following the
Pink Links
through the
Realm of Yvette's is an important method of that
study ~*
piecing together the clues to the Yvette's Mystery is fun,
challenging and exciting !! ~*
You get to be an Alchemist and Yvette's Site is
Your Guild
Laboratory !! ~*
the exponential growth of Yvette's is also a clue, spinning the
web of intrigue ever further into the vast and archaic reaches of
Time and Space ~*
it is truly a gift, a pleasure and a treasure to have the thrill of
active participation in the wonderful world of Yvette's !! ~*
the clues are everywhere and increasing in all directions !! ~*
the mysterious Secret of Yvette's awaits YOU !! ~*
Red Candle of the Secret of Yvette's is shining for YOU !! ~*
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