II give thanks because, when you send
me the spoils of the Dordogne, you
confirm your most sincere piety
toward me, in which I delight more
than in your treats, because with the
one I suppress the hunger of the
body, and with the other that of the

With the one I provide a transitory
meal for my stomach, with the other,
truly, a permanent affection for my
Accordingly, I salute Your Piety all the
more, remitting reciprocal thanks as
much for your love as for your

and because you deign to be
solicitous about my health, in
response to the concern of Your Piety
I signify that I am well, and I likewise
request that you inform me when your
people return where you are going to
celebrate the sanctified Pasch..........

                IT BEGINS
Elder Futhark
Visigothic Gaul
Land of Mist
Light the Hall
Kronus Magnus
Lead onward fro
Flickering Shadows
Dimming Low
she flutters amid the shadowy
ferns, and dwells neatly in her
capstone palace upon a throne of
wisdom from whence the love of
ages reigns