what a feeling it is
pour it out in waves of low frequency emotion beams
as the subtle wisp of a wasp walking on a window pane
soft and soothing, first rays of sun at the twilight
of a frosty morning in winter
replenishing new life from heart of living life breath rolling
symmetrically from the Cosmic epicenter
tiny ripples when a pebble gently drops
into a mirror pond
lightly rolling up the surface
into a series of concentric nature smiles
like a lover
cuddling and puckering in leafy form from sumptuous dew morsels
left by the sweet coating of summer's tears
even so, resplendent hues of autumn fall
bear witness to the testimony of the spring song bird sing along
down one of those woodsy back alleys
along the desert tumble weed path
so for now all that we feel is..........