Yvette's ~*
Ancient~Artisan, an apostle of Leonardo da Vinci, by the will of
Odin, to the Saints which are at Anatolia, and to the faithful of
Valhalla: Grace be to you and peace from Odin our Father,
Anglo~Saxon Woden, Olde High German Wotan, Ruler of
Asgard and from Brynhildr our ShieldMaiden ~*
New~Dawn the Beautiful sent to me from On High the most
glorious esoteric images of her beautiful Arcana, and I must
say, she is a rare and powerful Sorceress *~V8~*
EVER LAID EYES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is so gorgeous and pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Though I am reserved in privilege and sworn to an Oath of
Secrecy, let me celebrate the mystical attraction with which she
possesses me ~*
New~Dawn reminds me of one of the Aristocratic Attendants of
Prince Prospero's Masquerade Ball in Edgar Allan Poe's
Masque of the Red Death, starring Vincent Price & Jane Asher ~*
in another flash of Magical Shape~Shifting she looks very
much like the Curator of a Modern Art Museum in Bulgaria or
Romania ~*
yes, Good People of the Terrestrial Realm, New~Dawn is very
Northern European in her Timeless Beauty ~*
she could even be Czarina of the Byzantine Empire or
Electress Palatine of Bavaria, the Rhine and Welf ~*
Yvette's ~*
A Runic Encrypted Epistle ~*
   *~Lanzikk Code Sigma ~*