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Dear sweet, precious Alice,
 I have an incredible secret which I want to share with you ~*
imagine that you are climbing a mountain in the jungle; a very
high and steep and rugged mountain ~*
imagine that you are getting close to the top ~*
you have almost climbed all the way to the peak of this mystical
mountain ~*
and at the very top of this mystical mountain lies a magical secret
scribed upon a vellum scroll ~*
an ancient and preeminent secret which will give you access to
the answers of the ages ~*
you have no idea how much longer this esoteric secret shall
remain atop this mystical mountain because the wind is starting
to blow and the vellum scroll lies on a precarious perch upon the
very peak of this mystical mountain which you have very nearly
climbed all the way to the top ~*
the peak is within your sight ~*
after struggling and climbing so long and so arduously you are
finally nearly all the way to the top ~*
you are almost there ~*
you can see the ancient, archaic vellum scroll tied with its golden
ribbon ~*
suddenly, from below, some beloved friends of yours begin to
call to you and beckon you to come down off the mountain for a
picnic and a swim and perhaps even to climb another mountain ~*
what do you do ??
it is answers to questions like these which make us Human, Alice
my Love ~*
my bearing, my heading are set by forces and powers which I am
only just beginning to understand ~*
You are so important to me in my life, Dear Alice, and I beg that
you will please understand that it has taken me a great long time
to build the momentum of my quest to its current level and I have
to follow through to the very crux of my plight ~*
I am almost there, Dear Alice, I am almost there !! ~*
I must, at present, continue to maintain my nightly, nocturnal
vigil, for what I seek is close at hand ~*
any deviation, no matter how slight, from my present course
could cost me my ultimate goal ~*
I shall succeed for you, Alice my Love ~*
all my labors are for you, Alice my Love ~*
I shall bring home the Ultimate Prize for you, Alice my Love ~*
Alice, oh Alice, come to me my Love, stay with me, my Love ~*
cross through the Veil with me, my Love ~*
all of Paradise waits for thee, my Love ~*
Alice, my Love *~V8~*
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