Yvette's ~*
she walked on Golden Fleece among the Shadow Stones ~*
she carried within her the Sacred Seed of Lantarr ~*
at the foot of the Moving Mountain she would make her bed,
and promise the Sky Born an infant Fledgling among their
Flocks ~*
easy as it was that October morn to produce the twist of Fate
which held the Card of Magic, there was yet another
Enchantment to behold among the Shadow Stones ~*
a Night Caller of Xanadu with Beams of Charity for the Solace
Ones who nourish the Song Sounders of the Other Time ~*
this would be her first encounter with her Ordained Destiny
and the soft Golden Fleece was a comfort to her as she lay
down at the foot of the Moving Mountain to bear out her
Prophecy in Faith and Freedom ~*
the Satin Dawn would now spread over the Horizon ~*
the New Time has come.........there will be Celebration ~*
Yvette's ~*