lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
she's a lonely girl
flashin' lights and camera eye
makin' flicks around the world
a fluke of nature caught her heart
a race of space and time
she searches for her crane of white
among the knotty pines
a driftwood day down sunshine way
and a pact of sacred vows
all the stars of the silver screen
line up to take their bows
but there's one among the branches
of the fancy tales and evergreens
who's slate is clear of poison
smooth and young and quiet clean
take her to the white crane
the one she seeks in mirrors scrying
take her now to meet him
before she starts a sob of crying
he knows of her longing that she is
for he has felt her call
and visioned her visage in his mind
while staring at the wall
give them their cup, let them drink
time is of the essence
forever and ever is always there
but there's nothing like the present
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