Yvette's ~*
I am sitting on the sea shore all alone
by a little pile of sea shells I call my own
and as I look out upon the sea
a misty breeze blows over me
the sun is setting ever so slow
the stars above are beginning to glow
as the waves roll gently onto the shore
deep in my mind I am opening a door
it leads to a room of thoughts never~ending
thoughts that my mind is endlessly sending
my thoughts are like fire burning out of control
they are filled with life as if they each have a soul
each is a separate being
none of them are the same
they have no cares or worries
as if they are playing a game
they race through my mind
like lightening across the sky
they use their time so valuably
even though it passes by
and as I sit here smiling
with these thoughts running through my head
I feign would travel elsewhere
the place my thoughts have led
Sweet Pea
occasionally 9
Yvette's ~*