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two recipes for indigo..these come from the Bolognese
Manuscript........this tome which contains these various
esoteric Manuscripts
(Medieval and Renaissance Treatises on
the Arts of Painting by Mary P. Merryfield)
was published at
the behest of Her Majesty Queen Victoria during the 19th
Century, so, who knows if any, much less all, of these
Manuscripts are even extant ??
there are several massive Manuscripts contained within this
antiquated tome.......one is { Extracts from A Manuscript in
the Marciana Library at Venice, entitled Divers Secrets or
Secreti Diversi }
divers = diverse ~*

to make fine indigo:  take one part of flower of woad,
which flower is collected in the dyers' vat when they are
boiling woad; bake it well in an earthenware shovel, until it is
well burnt; then grind it fine, and take 5 parts of the white
earth which the fellmongers use, pound it and mix it well with
the powder of woad: afterwards grind the whole with clear
water upon a stone, like paint, then spread it on a smooth
table, and let it dry a little in the sun; afterwards break it into
small pieces and let it dry again in the sun.....
then take some of the first composition and make it of the
consistence of a rather thin soup, and put the pieces into it to
soak: then take them out and dry them in the sun or at the fire
and if the color is not sufficiently deep, renew the process as
often as you think proper; afterwards dry it, and keep what
you have made  ~*

to make indigo: first you must know that the various sorts
of this color are made of a certain herb which is called woad
and this herb is boiled down in a jar until no part of it
remains; it is then dried and is called by different names: it is
made in various places and is nearly perfect azure ~*
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