Yvette's ~*

Clear Blue Eyes ~*

clear blue eyes
like tempest skies
move me to and fro

the mystique of their sparkle
carries me away
to where, I do not know

in life and love
she lives and breathes
her carbuncle eyes in rhythm

open the portals
of my heart
drawing unwrapped like ribbon

not a day passes
that I don't see those eyes
blueing all my vision

and every night
in rapture delight
I dream of their color prism

the ocean's turquoise
the shallow surf
sapphires guarded by Dragons

light speed beams
aurora gleams
reflections in bubbles laughing

none compare
to the hypnotic stare
of clear, blue lovely eyes

so deep and blue
so crystal clean
my heart enchanted sighs

all rainbows of Earth and Heaven
are present in the radiant glory
of Sarai's clear blue eyes
Yvette's ~*