Yvette's ~*

Welcome to Environment Earth.........a new experience in
teletransportory maxilliation.......we thank you for selecting
the latest premium choice E.E...........you have now joined
an ever growing elite group of satisfied Galaxy Class
Clientele...........we are pleased to host your asymmetric
demolecularization processes this evening and look
forward to you traveling with us again in the near
future..............an Alpha Six Quantum Core Neo~Bright
Spheroid set at a cycling level of minus thirteen Darnets
per hyper~second is being employed in order to optimize
your Faster than Light enjoyment..............please remain
within the parameters of your designated Glaxon Pod to
insure your safety and the safety of your fellow
teletransportory passangers..........once again, thank you
for choosing Environment Earth and we wish you a
pleasant journey ~V8*~
The Lover's Rose

melancholy cello
bottom of the Seine
broken hearted lovers
take their lives in vain
if not literally
then figuratively
we all know it's not their fault
for who among us can ponder
the abyssal heart's vault
created in a time
beyond our scope and scale
a dark and misty memory
lost in the song of whales
when an infant cries
or an elder sighs
is there a chance to know
what secrets hide
the oldest emotion
of human kind
that burning passion
of body and mind
the very proof
we possess a soul
the voices echo
when bells are tolled
those ages past
are with us now
gestating mothers
milk of cow
so remember folks
it's like you said
know agony, know love
as you break your bread
for in a trusting hand
lies the lover's rose
it's there for us all
and if it's to grow
one must be free
to risk the harm
which flows from mystery
the ancient yarn
your chance is now
take it or lose
the only path
which follows the clues
determined sleuth
of who we are
the world is born
among the stars
go into the night
go long and deep
go further still
for what you seek
until face to face
with seed and root
and touch at last
the sacred truth
the sacred truth
and touch at last
the sacred truth
Yvette's ~*
thank you for traveling with Yvette's ~*
the journey is just beginning V8*~