Yvette's ~*
Friends are important
they light up our lives
like the rays of the Sun
the full Moon at night
some Friends are constant
like the Earth to which we cling
some are seasonal
summer, fall, winter, spring
some Friends are like comets
swinging through once upon a while
and they all shape our face
with the crescent of a smile
it is good to have Friends
and when they need us most
we realize our own need
and to them raise a toast
here's to Friends
of all shapes and sizes
here's to our Friends
to whom our heart rises
we get from them
beyond what we give
our Friends make us unique
our Friends make us live
and at the end
of our human condition time
the sum of our journey
recorded line by line
shall not be about short~falls
or lack of acclaim
but reflect in attendance
the truth of our name
for it is Friends who define us
and make us who we are
and Friends who will find us
waiting for them among the Stars ~*
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Friends are our trend, Friends are the Fashion in all
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