We are HAPPY !! ~*
every day and every night
we have the Street Lamp
to guide us true aright
the misty dawning mornings
on sidewalk shadows cast
the Street Lamp still a beaming
guides the passers past
and in the evening dusk
the darkened way for us
is illuminated by the spritely beams of the Street Lamp
all through the night
it provides a visible path
a place for refuge under
it's sparkling, amber hat
we feel security knowing it is there
the Street Lamp shining care
it's neat to see it from a distance
gleaming like a Light House on a far flung shore
the Street Lamp tells our stories
our legends, myths and lores
it is hypnotizing to stand in its aura
and feel the glowing orb
we frolic with delight
from home to corner store
the Street Lamp makes us happy
we're glad for the Street Lamp's sight
it comforts us with its ready
friendly, teaming light ~*
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