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Yvette's Is The Place To Shop or Browse their Site!
Posted by jillybean007 on 04/11/2008

Yvette's is the place to shop no matter where you live. I
had the great pleasure of stumbling upon an interesting
web page. There were so many interesting things to look
at. You could spend an entire day just looking at
The journey that took me to Yvette's started out
with my daughter finding a graduation dress at a store.
Unfortunately, it wasn't the right size or the right price and
to make matters worse, the dress was now discontinued.
We tried looking for something else, but nothing compared
to the first dress she saw. I set out a search and emailed
quite a few fashion stores. All the replies went something
like, "This dress has been discontinued, but feel free to
look at the many other styles we have in stock". Then
along came
Carolyn. She sent me an email that basically
said that she could get the dress!
From back and forth
correspondence, I've come to the conclusion that
spent time calling the company and making them search
their back rooms for this dress. Apparently, it was the only
one left and in the size we needed. Where others failed to
really try,
Yvette's came through for us. Within a week she
had the dress in her possession and
I was given a
personal phone call by
Carolyn. She shipped it out the
next day, and I received it within 5 business days.
daughter was so happy when she tried on the dress.
It fit
and our search was successful! No matter where
you live, if you have a computer and access to the internet,
and need that hard to find dress, give
Yvette's a try. I'm
sure you won't be disappointed.
The Site is great ~ just
Carolyn. I'm glad our paths crossed.
Yvette's Five Star Review posted by our good friend
Jillybean007 !! ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~*
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Portrait of Marilyn Monroe,
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an extra~special THANK
YOU! to Mike and Maggie
for all their extra~special
LAVISHING of Yvette's
Site and for renting their
TUXEDO @ Yvette's !! ~*
Hi Sean,
Hope all is well for you and your family.....I was
admiring once again the shrimpboat painting at my
dad's last week and thought of you!
Hope work is keeping you busy......Take care!
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