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This is a Romantic Love Poem which I composed for
all the Gentlemen of the World to give to that certain
Woman in their Lives who is most Special !! ~*

I call it    *~ Hero Your Love ~*

I am your Hero
I am your Man
I am your Hunter
I've got your Plan

they cannot stop me
I go for you
I will not rest, Love
till I break through

I shall proclaim Thee
from snowy mountain Tops
Cosmic Ascension
Heavenly Loft

Deep in the River
my current is Strong
Channels don't curve me
don't steer me wrong

clouds up on High
jet streaming Global
your name in the Sky
you are so Noble

I'm marching on, Dear
in time with your Quest
out of the world Love
bequeath your Bequest

a drone in your Mysticism
I labor and Stroke
the foundry is Burning
and puffing with Smoke

Gladiators Rumble
amid dust and Sun
I storm in like Mars
before me they Run

sparkling Stars
like you in the Night
Moons and Planets
Celestial Sight

it is for you I Breath
and for you I Sing
I bow before You
you crown me your King

I am your Champion
I herald your Theme
I give you my Life
You are my Queen
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