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in De Profundis, Oscar Wilde says that he was a man who
stood in symbolic relations to the art and culture of his age
he says that he treated art as the supreme reality and life as
a mere mode of fiction ~*
he says he amused himself with being a flaneur, a dandy, a
man of Fashion ~*
he said that every little action of the common day makes or
unmakes character ~*
Oscar Wilde also said that the secret to a woman's charm is
that she behaves as though she is beautiful ~*

Lionardo Da Vinci, in his Treatise on Painting, says that of
those Objects which the Eyes perceive through a Mist or
thick Air (( the nearer the air is to water, or to the ground, the
thicker it becomes ~*
it is proved by the Nineteenth Proposition of the Second
Book, that bodies rise in proportion to their weight; and it
follows that a light body will rise higher than another which
is heavy )) ~*

Andy Warhol said that being good in business is the most
fascinating kind of art ~*
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