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         *~ Magical Methods of Painting ~*

the Flemish process, the process italiano, Lombardy
and Bologna.........the Venetian method which of course
originated in Venice ...........in Flanders and Germany
Magical Methods of Painting were observed ~*~*~*
*~ in Painting a beautiful Picture, the Old Masters of the
early period of Painting in Oil used the process which I
have learned by reading of them ~*
the ground being properly prepared, in my case I
purchase a gesso primed canvas, the next step is to
Draw the subject of the Picture...........in those days they
used black chalk or black~lead pencil.........I use the
common #2 pencil just like in grade school.........I
thought they were lead, but apparently, these everyday
pencils are graphite.....graphite lends itself perfectly for
Drawing.........these pencils can be sharpened to a very
fine point and the graphite blends easily to form subtle
shadows......the various Painters of the 14th, 15th & 16th
centuries often would Draw the subject on paper then,
when the Drawing was perfected, they would trace it
onto the Canvas and secure the Drawing by marking
over it with brown color, i.e., burnt sienna or raw
umber..........this technique is seen in an unfinished
Painting by Lionardo Da Vinci in the Gallery of Brera at
Milan.........sometimes a tint composed of carmine and
dark ochre was used...........raw umber works very well,
but with the invention of those wonderful spray cans, I
just spray a coat of crystal clear enamel over the
Drawing to secure it in place on the Canvas in
preparation for Painting ~*
there's a demonstration of this process on this page
Second Portraiture Method Demonstration   ~*~*~*~*~*~*
there is actually a Drawing by Tintoretto, a Painter of the
Venetian School, in which he began the Drawing in
chiaroscuro with water colors and then Painted the local
colors in their places with Oil ~*

and now for a
Painter's Poem ~*
emulate in the recesses of your mind
gaze on your form in the mirror of your heart
profit from your reflection and be compelled to say
"affection is my learning !!"
"sight my recompense !!"
"my presence is perfected  from contemplation of beauty !!"
"my Canvas is my Universe !!"
"my Brushes are my Magic Wand !!"
"my Oil Colors my Magic !!"
repeat this montage to yourself
speak it aloud over and over
convince yourself of your confidence
the precious gifts of your Oils and Brushes and Canvas
shall give you that which you seek
be aroused by what you see
be desirous of what you create
be motivated by the want of freedom
freedom can be yours everlasting world without end
the Canvas can do miracles
just you wait and see
you have to believe me
you have to believe in yourself
you have to believe we are Magic ~*
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Liondaro Da Vinci, Precept # 169 ~*~*
*~ How to Paint Women ~*
Women are to be represented in modest and reserved
attitudes, with their knees rather close, their arms drawing
near each other, or folded about the body; their heads
looking downwards, and leaning a little on one side ~*