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a psychological thriller horror Novel written+illustrated by Patriarts
& Sean Terrence Best

Chapter One: Bart Fitzgerald Chamberlain ~*

Bart Fitzgerald Chamberlain.  Just an ordinary, normal, regular
everyday down~to~earth guy who lives in a normal, everyday house
in the suburbs.  Chamberlain is convinced that there is a connection
between the supernatural and the extra terrestrial and that Earth
really is the center of these Universes.  He attempts to prove his
suspicions by following the course of news reports and blockbuster
Hollywood films.  The truth through true investigative journalism is
what he seeks and he may be the only one in the whole world who
knows what he knows.  Shuffling through the Red Tape of modern
bureaucracy has taught Chamberlain about the all pervading
insidious and insipid wickedness which spins the people of earth in
endless gyroscopic exploitation.  Some investigative reporters are
legit, Chamberlain thinks, but most are puppets manipulated by the
strings of International Corporations and Federal Governments, both
of which are controlled by the Wealthy Elite at the behest of their
Space Alien superiors.  These Space Aliens (Chamberlain calls them
The Fastlings) do have advanced technology but this advanced
extraterrestrial technology is achieved by supernatural and
metaphysical means.  The Fastlings, Chamberlain is certain, use
Magic to obtain the nefarious goals of their hidden agendas.

Chamberlain has a penchant for old things.  Old people, old places
and old things, but mostly old things.  Not so much for their market
value as for their genuine antiquity and the stories which they hold
secret in their forms and shapes.  Chamberlain senses that inanimate
objects collect magic over time and are thus storehouses of magical
energy becoming increasingly powerful with age.  Born and raised in
Panama City among the white, dandy beaches of the Gulf Coast of
Florida, Chamberlain thinks of himself in romantic terms.  He is a self
proclaimed "saltwater cowboy".  Bart Fitzgerald Chamberlain is not
afraid to throw the cables and he has a permit to carry his concealed
firearm; a 44 magnum Desert Eagle.
Chamberlain gives his readers a pure, unadulterated view of life
through his own eyes without dumbing down the harsh facts for the
benefit of the Establishment.  Those around Chamberlain, there
aren't many, actually do love him.  They love him with pitiful
compassion, as for a dying man.  They feel he has a charming
combination of narcissism joined with a persecution complex and
that the latter is leading to his early and agonizing demise.  One
trained in psychological medicine would diagnose Chamberlain as
suffering from bipolar disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with
bouts of severe depression bordering on schizophrenia and
paranoia.  A true  a psychotic.  In fact, Chamberlain
has been
diagnosed but refuses to take his prescribed medications, often
telling himself, "Those Quacks aren't gonna dope me!  That's how
they getchya!".  Chamberlain admits to himself that the fact that he
lives in a reputed haunted house hints that he has a morbid
fascination with death.  But there's more to his residing in that
spooky old house than mere fascination.  Chamberlain thinks he
knows, or knew, someone who used to live there.  Chamberlain loves
life, too, and wants to improve the quality of that life by revealing to
the world the truth of its current, desperate state.  Hence, his
personal quest, his cause to remove the shroud of perpetuated lies
thereby freeing the people from the grip of subversive reality in
which they are unknowingly caught.
     Alone in his study, Chamberlain checks over some of his recently
accumulated dat
a.  The fading light of late afternoon.  The
lengthening of the shadows.  Chamberlain reaches for the small,
round knob on his old lamp.  Switching the light on he briefly
observes particles of dust swirling around the edges of the
lampshade.  He looks to the papers lying before him on his simulated
woodgrain desk.  A couple of printouts and a few brief reminders
scratched out in his own scrawl.
<><><><>RESEARCH NOTES<><><><><><><><><>
<><><><>in the article, news report, the number to call if you
witnessed the "accident" is placed there so that "they" can round
you up and do away with you!!..........if you had the misfortune of
witnessing this staged wreck PLEASE DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER!
"THEY" just want to make sure there AREN'T any witnesses!!!!!!
notice Volvo and Jeep play prominently in that scene.........

Chamberlain is moved by the conviction that using profane language
leads to moral decay which in turn, rots the intellect.  He continues
reviewing his notes.

FEMA does not GIVE that Federal Assistance money
away...........FEMA LOANS that money.............and if a person or town
or even a whole STATE can't pay that money back, then the loan is
considered "defaulted on" and FEMA confiscates whatever the
loanees have !!
basically, if a "natural" disaster occurs, or a "terrorist" attack, etc.,
etc.,, then FEMA can swoop in and TAKE OVER !!
the significance of FEMA as opposed to just the regular ole Federal
Government is that FEMA has no overseer.............FEMA as a
division of the Department of Homeland Security ((where did that
name come from??)) has the POWER TO SUSPEND THE
in other words, there is no recourse to try to take action against
anything FEMA does !!
FEMA is in effect, ABOVE THE LAW !!
FEMA has been systematically taking over large cities...........
in 1989 FEMA took over San Francisco ...........Earthquake=FEMA
in 1992 FEMA took over Miami............Hurricane=FEMA
in '94 they took over L.A. .............Earthquake=FEMA
in 2001 New York.........."Terrorist Attacks"=FEMA
in '05 New Orleans...........Hurricane=FEMA
in '06 Buffalo.............Blizzard=FEMA
what do all these cities have in common !!??
they are all MAJOR PORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
FEMA has now taken over every Major Port around the entire
perimeter of the continental United States !!  ALARM PEOPLE !!
WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Orleans is the largest port on the planet by bulk tonnage and is
also at the mouth of the Mighty Mississippi !!  a strategically
important location, indeed, as well as part of the route involving the
Great Lakes and the Intracoastal Waterway of the Eastern Seaboard
and the Gulf Coast which literally means that the entire Eastern half
of the United States is circumnavigable by water.
FEMA controls the mouth of the Mississippi River !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the Buffalo Port Authority is the first major United States port of
call upon entering the Great Lakes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and in less than a two month period this past summer there were not
one but two "tanker truck" fires at the main entrance to San
Francisco and Los Angeles.........at either end of the main route for
shipping whatever comes in and out of those mega ports...........two
of the largest in the nation/world !!
and these two "tanker truck" fires occurred precisely along or
directly on top of what is known as the SAN ANDREAS FAULT
what if the "tanker truck" fires were coverups for the installation of
some type of earthquake control device/mechanisms which were
directly inserted into this major global fault line !!??
what is goin' on here on Planet Earth !!??

Fiery Crash Kills Three, Injures One

this is the essence of an article as reported by a couple of
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, January 29, 2007; Page B05

Three people were killed and one person was injured early yesterday
in a three-vehicle crash involving a gasoline tanker in the westbound
lanes Interstate 66.....................

the cab of the tanker truck, a Volvo station wagon and a Jeep caught
fire as a result of the 3:50 a.m. crash near the ramp for the Fairfax
County Parkway, said a police Sgt. , who was acting as
spokesperson for the Virginia State Police.

the tanker truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline, but allegedly
none of it spilled or otherwise ignited.....it didn't contribute to the
flames..........HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??
supposedly the fire started as a result of the Jeep's fuel tank
rupturing in the crash...........

A male and a female in the Volvo and a male in the Jeep died at the
scene. The tanker drive ronly  sustained minor injuries, police said.

the names of the victims were not released........ the dead were so
badly burned that their identities will require confirmation through
dental records, the police sergeant said. The three obviously did not
escape out of their vehicles, and it is uncertain whether they died
from the impact or the fire, the police sergeant said. Autopsies
probably will be performed today.

Police were able to recover license plates from the scorched
vehicles. The Volvo station wagon was registered in Winchester, Va.,
and the Jeep in Haymarket, authorities said. Police were using
registration information in an attempt to contact family members.

the police sergeant spokesperson said investigators believe that the
events were a chain reaction, ..........the Volvo was struck from behind
by the Jeep and the Jeep hit by the tanker, rupturing the Jeep's gas
tank and starting a fire........... All were in the right-center lane of the
four-lane expressway........... the police sergeant emphasized that the
investigation is in its preliminary stages and that the state police
auto crash reconstruction team is working to ascertain exactly what
took place.

There were no known witnesses to the accident. Police are asking
anyone who saw the crash to call them at 888-555-5555............

The westbound lanes were closed until 6 a.m. ...........the police
sergeant said there was little traffic disruption because traffic was
light and because vehicles were detoured onto a parallel service road
that immediately led back to I-66.

this was a gas fire !!!!!!!!!!
the license plates survived the gas fire in tact !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if the thin flimsy metal of license plates can survive a gas fire, you
know dog~gone well HUGE i~beams and big steel bolts used in
concrete road construction can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that tanker truck exploding is a cover up, man !!!!!!!!!!!!
the military laser beamed that strategically significant area of
highway ramps from an orbiting weapons platform !!!!!!!!!!
the laser beam blasted through the concrete and steel and collapsed
that road/ramp way section !!!!!!!!!
the gas tanker truck is a cover story !!!!!!!!!
that's why it happened in the wee hours of a Sunday night !!
if they had used conventional explosives in a controlled demolition
they could have executed that operation anytime, even during
daylight hours and under heavy traffic......they don't care about
civilian casualties !!!!!!
the reason it had to be early a.m. and on a Sunday night is because
that would be a time when it was least likely that any trouble making
bystanders would see that laserbeam blastin' through the
atmosphere from outer space !!!!!!!!!!
every body worn out from partying and vacationing and church
going on the weekend.....everybody got to get up and go to
work/school Monday morning.......perfect window of opportunity to
blast a section of roadway with a laser beam from 67 miles straight
up !!!!!!!!!!
the Ronald Reagan era Star Wars program was never canceled !!!!!!
research and development on that project has continued top secret
covert !!!!!!!
eyes only !!!!!!!
the public is being duped !!!!!!!!!
cover up !!!!!!!
conspiracy !!!!!!!!!!
anarchy !!!!!!!!
war mongers !!!!!!!!!!!
assassins !!!!!!!!!!
liars !!!!!!!!
swindlers !!!!!!!!!!
cheats !!!!!!!!!
dirt bags !!!!!!!!!
scum !!!!!!!!!!!!
sadists !!!!!!!!!!
we're all gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as you read this keep in mind that under FEMA, the Federal Emergency
Management Agency, congress is allowed to suspend the constitutional
government of the United States during times of natural disaster, terrorist
attack or other "emergencies"......FEMA has existed in one form or another,
always labeled under a different title, since the foundation of the country over
200 years ago.........the US constitution is a front for the real government of the
United States.........the constitution has been drafted, ratified and amended as
a document declaring our freedoms and rights as citizens and all the while
FEMA has been covertly developed and increased behind the
scenes.....FEMA, the secret government

Freeway Collapses After Fiery Crash
Commuters Face Nightmare in California's Bay Area
Associated Press    AP
OAKLAND, Calif. (April 30) - Bay Area residents began probably their worst
commute in two decades Monday, a day after one of the region's most
traveled sections of freeway melted and caved in following a fiery crash.

Road Collapse

An elevated section of the expressway that carries motorists from the San
Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to a number of highways was destroyed early
Sunday after heat from an overturned gasoline truck caused part of one
overpass to crumble onto another.

"I've never seen anything like it," said officer Trinity Cross of the California
Highway Patrol. "I'm looking at this thinking, 'Incredible, no one got killed!' --
that's amazing. It's just very, very lucky."

Authorities prophesied the crash would cause the worst disruption for
commuters since a 1989 earthquake compromised the integrity of the bridge
itself. The sight of a soaring freeway twisted into a broken pile of steel and
concrete was reminiscent of the damage from the Loma Prieta quake.

Even before dawn Monday, traffic was beginning to back up earlier than usual.

Join the Government Watch Dog Group!
Posing near the wreckage Sunday night, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger  
promised that the state( the Roman Imperialist State ) would respond quickly.

Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency to accelerate cleanup and
rebuilding efforts and in addition, he authorized free transit Monday on
ferries, buses and the rail system that takes commuters across the bay.

Transportation officials said it could take months to rebuild the damaged
interchanges, and advised motorists to use public transportation in and out of
San Francisco. They added trains to the rail system, and buses and ferries
also expanded service.

"People are going to have to find alternate ways to work and back home in the
evening, so we are requesting that they plan ahead ," said Julius West,
spokesperson for the California Department of Transportation. "This isn't
going to be back to normal in a matter of days."

California Highway Overpass Collapses After Fiery Crash

Nearly 75,000 vehicles drive on this portion of the road every day. But because
the accident occurred where three expressways converge, authorities said it
could cause commuting problems for hundreds of thousands of motorists......
State transportation officials said 280,000 commuters take the Bay Bridge into
San Francisco each day.

Authorities advised motorists to take detours on surface streets but cautioned
that motorists who chose alternate routes would still face tough commutes.

Though heat from the fire was intense enough to weaken the freeway and
damage a 250-foot stretch of highway, the truck's driver walked away from the
scene with second-degree burns.

Jeorge Mosqueja, 53, of Woodland, went to a gas station and called a cab,
which took him to a hospital, Cross said.

A preliminary investigation suggested that Mosqueja may have been speeding
on the curving road, the patrolman said. Mosqueja was being treated in a
hospital for burns on Sunday; efforts to reach him there were unsuccessful.

He was en route from a refinery in Benicia to a gas station near the Oakland
airport when the accident occurred, police said.

The crash occurred around 3:45 a.m. on the MacArthur Maze, a network of
ramps and interchanges at the perimeter of downtown Oakland and very close
to the Bay Bridge toll plaza. Witnesses reported flames rising up to 200 feet
into the air.
( how did these "witnesses" know the flames were "200" feet? and
if there were witnesses, why doesn't anyone know whether or not the tanker
truck driver was speeding? and who were these alleged witnesses at 3:45

Heat exceeded 2,750 degrees and caused the steel beams holding up the
interchange above to buckle. Bolts holding the structure together also melted,
leading to the collapse, California Department of Transportation director
Wayne Newton said.
( 2,750 degrees what? Fahrenheit or Celsius? open
flames burn at only about 900 degrees Fahrenheit, that's why blow torches
have to have PURE OXYGEN JETTED into the flame in order to achieve high
enough temperatures to melt steel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

The cost of rebuilding will likely run into the tens of millions of dollars, and
the state was seeking federal disaster aid, Newton said.
(did you get that?
Federal Disaster Aid, in other words, FEMA !!)

Officials said the accident could have been deadly had it occurred at a busier

San Francisco Mayor Gaston Nally said the wreck showed how fragile the Bay
Area's transportation network is, whether to a auto crash, natural disaster or
terrorist attack.

"It's another horrifying wake-up call," Nally said.

Associated Press writer Terra Verdigris in San Diego contributed to this report.
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