the Namreg system of training in Theophlossey, originally
developed by a great and Ancient Sorcerer whose name no one
would ever dare speak, was the method chosen for Antressa's
indoctrination into the Aeromancious Arts.........for Sarogahtyp
knew that Zorph, the Evil Wizard of Degradoom, would spare
no expense nor leave no Magick unemployed in seeking
Delicretia's valuable sister.........Sarogahtyp, even though he
had become famous in the Legend and Lore of Theophlossey,
and actually operated covertly under the pseudonym
"Mademoiselle Rembrandt", saved his most pioneering
methods for those apprentices who displayed the necessary
aptitude for acquisition of Theophlossey at the highest
levels.............Antressa was just such a candidate......
he began her training with simple exercises in dialects and
idiomatic speech of Foreign Lands......she was placed in the
Hall of Mirrors and exhaustively Channeled with
Theophlossey's most vigorous Linguist Spirits.........she could
always see the motion of her own facial features as she
Mastered the colloquial pronunciation of the various Realms
through which she would most assuredly be forced to navigate
in order to keep free of Zorph until such time as she was ready
to join Valley in facing this Ultimate Evil in her Life's Quest to
liberate her Beloved Sister from his Nightmarish Clutches..........
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