The tormented soul of our psychological thriller horror novel
The Flaming Page! desperately seeks to fight back against
the invisible entities which hound him with fiendish affliction.  Are
they Spirits?   Are they Space Aliens?  Are they BOTH?  Or are they
just really insipidly, insidiously evil people?
Bart Fitzgerald Chamberlain frantically struggles to escape from the
perpetual nightmare his life has become.  He tries to tell others, the
innocent and unwary inhabitants of the picturesque neighborhoods
of earth, that he has been abducted by sinister machine organism
Space Aliens who use magic to achieve advanced technology, but
no one is listening to Chamberlain.  No one except, maybe, his
neighbor's 17 year old daughter, Alexis.  Living across the street
with her mother and three older sisters, Alexis takes a sly interest in
Chamberlain, who has just unceremoniously made it through his
fiftieth birthday.  Intelligent, open~minded and sensually gorgeous,
Alexis listens to Chamberlain's warnings of doom and pleas for
help.  He wonders, since she is the only one who listens, if she may
just be humoring his alarmist ravings out of pity, patronizing him
with natural human compassion.  And as if all this weren't enough,
Bart Fitzgerald Chamberlain is living in a house which is reputed to
be haunted!
From this point onward, the reader is advised that what is to be
found among the unsettling words of
The Flaming Page! may result
in a sensation of sneaking suspicion, a feeling of apprehensiveness
which will follow one away from the pages of this Book.  Continue
reading at your own discretion!

THE FLAMING PAGE! ~*~*~*~*~*

`  It begins ~*

There's a junk yard and automotive maintenance and repair shop
just outside the subdivision in which Chamberlain lives.  Eddy's
Salvage and Repair.  One morning, after stopping at this local auto
mechanic's for an oil change, Chamberlain is questioned by the
owner, Eddy Simms, "What happened to you, Chamberlain?  You
know how many times I've talked to you about how important it is
to keep the oil changed in this ole rustbucket of yours and here you
ain't been around in a 'coon's age.  Where you been hidin' ?"  
Eddy spits a long stream of tobacco juice from where he is leaning
under the hood of Chamberlain's '78 Volkswagen Bug, wiping a
drool of it from his chin with an oily finger and rubbing it off on his
greasy, blue cover~alls.  Chamberlain, squinting in the bright
morning sunlight and frowning from the dust, heat and gasoline
fumes hesitates, then with the air of a man resigned to his fate,
responds to the mechanic's inquiry.
"I was abducted by space aliens!"
"Stop jerkin' me around man, seriously, where have you been?"
"I'm dead serious, Eddy!  I was taken aboard the MotherShip!  From
there, I was transported to a secret location within the Asteroid Belt.
 A small asteroid only a mile long and half a mile wide code named
Fort Knox.  It's where they conduct their nefarious experiments
upon their live human subjects.  Hellish behavior modification.  
Painful subliminal messaging.  Agonizing alteration of DNA.  It's all
done there, 24/7, round the clock.  The abductions from Earth
always take place at night.  And it's always night someplace on
Earth.  The screams!  How the screams echo through the chambers
of the asteroid lab facility!   The screams were unbearable and the
pain of the probes was worse!  They have technologies you
wouldn't believe.  They are capable of triggering and activating
latent and recessive genes.  The mutations.  The metamorphoses
which the helpless victims are made to endure.  Do you know how I
know there is no God?  Because no creator would allow its
creations to have to undergo such gruesome tortures.  I actually
witnessed these atrocities first hand!  I saw them transform a
plumber named Phil into a Lycanthrope!  Those miserable
mind~suckers implanted me with a tracking device!  It continually
transmits my vital signs and other metabolic stats via a subspace
datalink.  The Underground, they call it.  Think I'm crazy??.  Well
think again!!  Think you're safe??  Well think again!!  Everybody is
crazy!!  No one is safe!! We are all members of the Underground
Network! The Global Domination Conspiracy of the proletariat has
been realized! Remember 1969?  The Gregorian Calendar, ARPA, the
moon landing, ritualistic suicide of religious cults, the death of
Judy Garland, the formation of Wal*mart!  They changed their five
point star to a stylized "spark" with six arms!  Check the Logo!  The
GEIKO Gecko!  That's what they look like!  Little green men with
huge, bulging, dark eyes and toothless mouths stretched in a
perpetual maniacal grin!  By bombarding us with lizards on TV they
are desensitizing us so that we won't experience high levels of
resulting in world wide panic when they completely take
They are full well expecting a certain degree of recoil, but
they don't want a stampede on their hands.  
The Advanced
Research Projects Agency!  They aren't coming.............THEY ARE
HERE!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
little miss muffet
sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey
when out from afar
they came from the stars
to conquer the Milky Way
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sat on a tuffett
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