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Welcome to Yvette's $90 Gown Sale ~~*!!
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these are
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these Gowns are size 8,
size 8, size 10 and size 12,
respectively ~~*
This Beautiful Bridal Gown is size 14 ~~*
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Yvette's is here to serve you and help you be happy ~*!!
we shall do everything we can to help you succeed in
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your happiness is important to us ~~*!!
This Beautiful Bridal Original Sold to Bride Crystal ~*!!
this Beautiful Bridal Original Sold to Bride Lori ~*!!
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Of the 29 original Bridal Original Bridal Gowns, half of them have already been purchased
by beautiful Brides for their Special Wedding Day ~*
thank you so much, Beautiful Brides, for helping make
Yvette's $90 Bridal Gown Sale
such a happy success !!
Congratulations and we wish each of you the very best in life and every happiness ~*