Yvette's ~*
Mrs. Anderson of the Panama City Garden Club
announced that Mrs. Rogers will be sending
invitations for this year's
Azalea Trail until
February 21st ~*!!
Preliminary Day will be the first day of March ~*!!
girls should arrive for Preliminary Day in their
Sunday Dress ~*!!
Mrs. Anderson says that their Sunday Dress
should be an actual dress, not pants....~*!!
this year's Azalea Trail will be on March 15th~*!!
Ceremonies will begin at 2:00pm that afternoon~*!!
Yvette's @ (850)~871~3000 for
more information ~*!!
Yvette's has many lovely and beautiful
Antebellum Gowns with pick~ups, bubble skirts,
tulle over satin, hoop~skirts, gloves, shoes~*
EVERYTHING girls need for
Azalea Trail ~~**!!

thank you ALL so very, very much ~*!!
Yvette's ~*
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